3 Romantic Date Night Ideas

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3 Romantic Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s the first, 21st or a married ‘date night’ – planning a romantic rendezvous can be a challenge. Between work days, work outs, after work social work, homework, kids work and couples work – igniting the flame of romance shouldn’t have to feel like work, but often times does. Getting the creative juices to flow after a marathon week of the daily grind and routine can be frustrating – but hey, rather than throw in the towel altogether, take a deep breath: I’ve got you covered.

In four steps I’ll have you back in the romance saddle, from a night of sultry live jazz to an afternoon of making delectable, hand-dipped bonbons to the perfect mini-escape, I’ve got the skinny on the sweet, the sexy, and the most stylish dates around. Now, all you need is that special someone…

Date Night Tips:

1. Start by sending your  date an Evite invitation to build up anticipation and let them know you’re serious about sweeping them off their feet.

2. Date night begins now –  Your invitation sets the tone for the date, so be mysterious, tantalizing and have fun with your wording.

3. Don’t forget important details – like what to wear, time of day and how long they need to be free, to make sure they’re completely comfortable and there isn’t a   time crunch.

4. Once you’ve scored a date – Don’t talk about the date night/day before it happens – let it be a surprise.

5. Whether you’re on your first date or ’til death do you part’ date –  see the other person and let them know. “I love that twinkle in your eye”, “I think you are the most beautiful/handsome/hot I’ve ever seen you” – got it? Recognizing and communicating what you see in the other person makes them feel valued, special and most of all, desired – and that makes you very attractive.

6. Stay focused on the present – be in the moment. No talk about the past, future or even earlier that day. Stay in the now – this is also the key to ‘seeing’ the other person.

7. Be on your absolute best behavior – use your most gracious manners. Showing someone they are respected and treasured builds trust in any romance.

8. Flirt shamelessly –  with your date. Half of the secret to fanning the flame of romance is the seduction that happens outside the bedroom.

9. Always accept an invitation to be ‘bad’.

10. Get out your calendar, your phone, your little black book and make a reservation now!



All That Jazz with Pizazz

For a stylish and sexy night out, make a date for dinner at the chic and cozy 3rd street gem, The Little Door then head over to the W Hollywood for the coolest jazz scene around! Every Sunday evening, fantastic musicians and performers put on a jazz and blues show in the Living Room Lounge that will knock your socks off — it’s the perfect spot for a drink and good company….if it’s really good company you can get a room.

Wine and Dine

Discover the Malibu vineyard lifestyle and what these grapes are all about as you experience a romantic carefree day under the trees…

The fabulous outdoor tasting room and entertainment at Malibu Wines will take you away. Only a few miles off Pacific Coast Highway – you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into the heart of Napa with gorgeous trees, live music, and a beautifully set patio. Think picnic in the park – bring your own gourmet eats and enjoy a bottle directly from the Malibu vineyards.


Learn To Simmer

Nothing like a couple cooking together to turn up the heat! Grab your partner and throw on an apron for cooking classes at The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories in Santa Monica. Classes start at $85, but you bring nothing but yourself, delight in clever alcohol pairings, and leave satiated with lots of delicious leftovers to snack on in the middle of the night!


Hope these ideas put the ‘date’ back into your nights and ‘lucky’ in your night life! 

  XO ~ L



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