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Memorial Day

It’s Here, Your Delicious Memorial Day Menu {you’re welcome}

Memorial day is here and for a lot of us marks the kickoff of the most anticipated season ...

Mix and Match
Life's a Party

6 Tips To {confidently} Mix and Match with Style

When it comes to table top settings there are beyond zillions to choose from. Perusing the...


Liza’s Ranch Cookies

Ranch Cookies || Sweet ‘n Salty, Chocolatey, Crunchy, Yum! These Ranch Cookies are o...

meaningful friendships
Health + Well-Being

10 Steps To Creating More Meaningful Friendships

They say if you can count all your friends on one hand you’re lucky. There is anothe...

Life's a Party

Beyond The Brunch – Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts & Pinspirations

Beyond The Brunch – Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts & Pinspirations How do y...

Cinco de Mayo

Here’s To The Tastiest Cinco De Mayo Menu – ‘Clink’

Hola Amigas & Amigos – It’s Fiesta Time! Cinco De Mayo has got to be one ...


Cilantro Lime Sauce {prepared to be amazed!}

Directions: 1.  Put everything in your blender and blend until it mixes thoroughly and ci...

Scratch Margaritas
Cheers Baby!

Scratch Margaritas

Serves 4-6 Directions: Squeeze limes and Squeeze oranges Pour lime juice and orange juice...


Super Refreshing Cilantro-Lemon-Lime Popsicles

Directions: 1. Pour lemonade 3/4 of the way into the molds. 2. Add 1-3 lime wheels, cilant...

Cheers Baby!

Sizzling Mojito Recipe

Directions: Make simple syrup mixture, simmering ginger, sugar and habanero chili together...


Behold The ‘No Cook’ Garden to Table Gathering

There are some people who truly shudder at the thought of cooking. Cooking anything, boili...

Life's a Party

5 Steps To Saving The Earth While You Shop

Armed with information, going to the market can be an empowering trip, an opportunity t...

garden spring roll

Garden To Table Spring Rolls, you won’t want to stop eating

I finally learned to make Spring rolls when executive chef, Daniel Ha, of Napa Valley’s ...

Life's a Party

Top 10 Party ‘Green’ Tips

The bad news: The world of entertaining happens to be one of the planet’s biggest o...


Lettuce Cup Tacos – You’re Going To Love These

So if it passes the limited palate taste-test of a bunch of elementary school, chocolate m...

Family + Kids

10 Steps To End Sibling Rivalry

10 Steps To End Sibling Rivalry I was recently invited to a very special “Young Governor...


Fresh Tomato Soup

Top it with avocado for a heartier version or just drizzle the top with olive oil and a sp...

Cheers Baby!


Fresh Lemonade: 10 fresh squeezed lemons 6 cups purified water agave nectar sweetener,  t...